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Jochen Adler

I am a C64 hobby programmer. This homepage contains my programs, which I have made for the C64 and the 1541. All programs are self-made (and even self-translated :-) ).
Ich bin ein C64 Hobbyprogrammierer. Diese Homepage enthält meine Programme, die ich für den C64 und die 1541 gemacht habe. Alle Programme sind selbst gemacht.

NLQ-HD is a simple Atmel microcontroller circuit to connect a PATA-HD (40MB - 128GB) to the C64 via the serial IEC bus.
NLQ-HD ist eine einfache Atmel Mikrocontroller Schaltung, um eine PATA-HD (40MB - 128GB) über den seriellen IEC-Bus an den C64 anzuschließen.
Photo - Foto
Forum64 NLQ-HD on German Forum64 - NLQ-HD auf Forum64
NLQ-HD assembly instructions - NLQHD-Aufbauanleitung
Flasher Instructions for flashing the AVR from the C64 via the serial bus - Anleitung zum Flashen des AVRs vom C64 aus über den seriellen Bus
Calibrate & Configure Instructions for configuring NLQ-HD (e.g. setting the device number) - Anleitung zum Konfigurieren von NLQ-HD (z.B. Einstellen der Gerätenummer)
Partion & Format Instructions for partitioning and formatting the HD - Anleitung zum Partitionieren und Formatieren der HD
Operation manual
Current firmware and tools - aktuelle Firmware und Tools (V0.57)
Gerber NLQHD-V1.3-013 Gerber files to order boards - Gerber-Dateien zum Bestellen von Platinen
Printed circuit board price comparison - Platinenpreisvergleich
50mm x 158mm, 2, least expensive color, top, cheapest / cheapest lead free, 1,6mm, 1oz, 0.15mm, 0.40mm, 0, no, not required, 1, 1 or 5, your country, default time, Euro/$
EasyEDA Here I usually order circuit boards - Hier bestelle ich normalerweise Platinen
Mostly I have a circuit board that I can send; send me an e-mail - Meistens habe ich eine Platinen, die ich verschicken kann; schick mir eine E-Mail
Circuit diagram - Schaltplan
Target circuit diagram - Target Schaltplan
Download Target Discover for free (English, French and German) - Target Discover kostenlos downloaden (deutsch, englisch und französisch)
Shopping carts at Reichelt's - Warenkörbe bei Reichelt
Parts list - Stückliste

S-JIFFYDOS-64 (SJD) is a patch for JIFFYDOS V6.01 (JD). You must burn it into an eprom. It has some improvements to JD, e.g. the support of a userport printer. See more information at the instructions or download the diskimage, which contains the instuctions, too; in English and German language.
SJD-C64 instructions (15kB)
S-JIFFYDOS-C64 diskimage .d64 (171kB)
S-JIFFYDOS-C64 diskimage .zip (57kB)

S-JIFFYDOS 1541 is a patch for JIFFYDOS 1541. You must burn it into an eprom. See more information at the instructions or download the diskimage, which contains the instuctions, too; in English and German lamguage.
SJD-1541 instructions (16kB)
S-JIFFYDOS-1541 diskimage .d64 (171kB)
S-JIFFYDOS-1541 diskimage .zip (63kB)

SJD64 and SJD41 are absolutely independant. You can use a JD-C64 and a SJD-1541 in any constellation you want.

While analysing JIFFYDOS C64 I found some zeropage locations:
JIFFYDOS zeropage locations (4kB)

Here are my analysis of the JIFFYDOS IEC bus routines:
general information of my analysis (3kB)
LISTEN and TALK (13kB)
JIFFYDOS-timing for paper-sheets for 9- or 24-pin-printers (31kB)

Email64 is an email-program for the unexpanded C64. It supports most RS232-adapters.
Email64 instructions (2kB)
Email64 diskimage .d64 (171kB)
Email64 diskimage .zip (87kB)
Email64 sourcecode 1581-diskimage .d81 (800kB) !!switches 1581 to devicenumber 8 because HypraAss works with devicenumber 8 only!! (German comments)
Email64 sourcecode 1581-diskimage .zip (278kB)

IEC2IEEE is a very easy Atmel microcontroller circuit for about 15 $/Euros. It connects the serial IEC-bus of the C64 with the parallel IEEE-bus of old CBM-devices like e.g. a SFD-1001.
IEC2IEEE instructions (3kB)
IEC2IEEE circuit-plan (12kB)
IEC2IEEE sourcecode (for AVR-Studio 4 (rename to *.asm)) (150kB)
IEC2IEEE sourcecode .zip (34kB)
IEC2IEEE diskimage .d64 (171kB)
IEC2IEEE diskimage .zip (83kB)
Picture: IEC2IEEE on a desk (640*480) ( 83kB)
Picture: IEC2IEEE on a desk (1024*768) ( 183kB)
Picture: IEC2IEEE on a desk (2048*1526) ( 822kB)
Picture: IEC2IEEE circuit (640*480) ( 139kB)
Picture: IEC2IEEE circuit (1024*768) ( 309kB)
Picture: IEC2IEEE circuit (2048*1526) ( 831kB)

X-Cable-tester is a simple program which tests X-, XE-, XM- and XA-cables from C64 to IBM-PC. Runs under Q-Basic in DOS-mode.
X-Cable Tester (6kB)

I also made some little tools: A program, that:
- copies D64 files from 3.5"- and 5.25"-IBM disks to 1541 disks (very slow).
- checks the files on a 1541 disk.
- reads the DOS from a floppy within two minutes.
- re-news a 1581 disk after the new command without ID.
- reads and writes the floppy ram.
- shows the internal function of the PLA chip
- checks the sum of blocks on a disk.
- deletes a whole 1541 disk.
- reads the backside of a 1541 disk in a 1571 without flipping the disk.
- drivers for Novaterm 9.6 for userport-adapters without inverter-chip (2400 & 9600 baud)
- displays whethter there is an old or a new CIA in the C64
- generates JiffyDOS and S-JiffyDOS files for an emulator (e.g. VICE) !!! a JiffyDOS EPROM must be in your C64 and 1541 !!!
Download these tools here:
Tools diskimage.d64 (171kB)
Tools diskimage.zip (25kB)

The German consumer magazine 'Stiftung Warentest' tested home computers in 1984. Here is the article in German language (2 DM were about 1 $/Euro).
Page 1 (625kB)
Page 2 (882kB)
Page 3 (892kB)
Page 4 (898kB)
Page 5 (976kB)
Page 6 (890kB)
Page 7 (1004kB)
Page 8 (649kB)
Page 9 (648kB)
Page 10 (695kB)

My links:
Nicholas Coplin 64HDD, a very good serial device emulator on IBM-PCs for the C64.
Willcox A file-reader and more.
Stiftung Warentest A very good German consumer magazine, which allows me to publish the home computer test of 1984.
Volkscomputer. Aufstieg und Fall des Computer-Pioniers Commodore (Amazon.de)

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